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Press articles - Polysun in the media

You will find here some articles about Vela Solaris and Polysun, which have been published in different medias. Articles in German you will find on the German site.

03.10.2017 PV Europe Webseite
Polysun 10.0 now integrates E-Mobility

The new Polysun release 10.0 from Vela Solaris enables users to integrate combinations of e-mobility with photovoltaics or co-generation units….

21.11.2016 PV Europe Webseite
New Version of the Simulation Software Polysun 9.1 from Vela Solaris

The new tool allows its users to use just one software product for the entire planning process….

01.06.2013 Download PDF PES Edition Issue 22, 2013 Webseite
PES Solar/PV - Power & Energy Solutions - Europe Edition Issue 22, 2013

Solar software offers a dependable solution – read the interview with Vela Solaris’s visionary Managing Director, Andreas Witzig….

01.10.2011 Download PDF Sun & Wind Energy 10/2011 Webseite
Sun & Wind Energy 10/2011

Polysun now includes the “Solcrafte” systems for solar hot water preparation. This combined collector and storage system from Kioto Clear Energy AG heats and stores water directly in solar collectors using a patented single circuit system. Since they are included in Polysun as a standard template, they are available on the Polysun user level Professional and Designer….

01.05.2011 Download PDF Sun & Wind Energy 05/2011 Webseite
Sun & Wind Energy 05/2011

Polysun Online provides system manufacturers with invaluable support in improving their sales and is a chance for associations to gather a wider public interest in renewable energies….

01.04.2011 Download PDF Photon Profi 4-2011 Webseite
Photon - Expert Knowledge in PV for Professionals

Simulation Software Testing: Good simulation results, ease of use, comprehensive component databases and effective project management features already make Polysun an almost ideal tool for professionals….

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