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Polysun 6.1: the latest version of Polysun enables users to plan the optimal use of solar energy for energy self-sufficient homes and smart-grid applications

The newest version of Polysun, the simulation software created and developed by Swiss software provider Vela Solaris, will be available just in time for this year’s Intersolar Europe

Polysun 6.1 Release - Presse GrafikWinterthur, 17. Juni 2013 – Polysun 6.1 will be presented at Intersolar Europe, an event where a wide range of innovative energy storage products will be launched and showcased. Polysun can be used to compare different concepts and show customers where they differ and what benefits they bring.
All in one tool
The new 6.1 version of Polysun includes enhancements to the simulation of energy storage systems as well as an improved self-consumption optimization. In the new energy policy scenario, the «all in one tool» slogan takes on a key meaning: in the Polysun simulation environment, PV is directly linked to the thermal components. The new software version supports inverter-controlled heat pumps, the electrical and thermal storage of excess energy as well as a system-oriented efficiency improvement...

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