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Polysun Simulation Software: new version with energy label, new PV features and an expanded battery catalogue, including lithium-ion batteries

Image: Polysun 8.0 Press ReleaseWinterthur, June 5th, 2015Leading software provider Vela Solaris has given its well-established simulation software Polysun a comprehensive overhaul. Besides several new features, the new 8.0 version also contains significant improvements for PV and batteries as well as extensions for the ErP energy label. Vela Solaris will present the new 8.0 version at the Intersolar Europe which will be running in Munich from the 10th to 12th June 2015.


Practice-oriented innovations:

  • Performance improvement 1: simulation speed
  • Performance improvement 2: search and sort function for catalogues
  • Weather data: Meteonorm 7 Webservice
  • Update of solar thermal collector and heat pump catalogues
  • PV module and inverter catalogue: new PV forum
  • Support for innovation subsidy application on heat pump systems


New Polysun «Premium» product launched

Besides the existing «Designer» and «Professional» versions, the latest 8.0 release brings with it a new Polysun version. The most comprehensive software package in the Polysun family, the new «Premium» version takes the top-of-the-range spot over from the «Designer» version, in addition to which it was enhanced with the incorporation of specific catalogue components and their integration into an executable simulation. This makes it possible for users to have their new design tool ready at hand in their systems right from the start, allowing them to provide their customers with competent, reliable solutions. The incorporated components are reviewed and revised and the simulations updated to the latest technological standards by Vela Solaris on a yearly basis.


Major improvements for PV and batteries

As a new feature in the 8.0 release, PV system simulations were expanded to also take into account reverse current resistance. Phase imbalance can now be checked for either per phase or as maximum power difference, which leads in reality to communicative coupling of the inverters. In addition to this, grid connections can now be defined by means of a profile, enabling the simulation of partially grid-independent operations and power failures. For battery simulations, templates and catalogue databases were both expanded to include modern systems with electrical storage, also for lithium-ion batteries, which can now be simulated both for off-grid operation and for self-consumption optimization purposes.


Energy label

With the Energy related Products ErP Directive due to come into force by the end of September 2015, customers will be required to produce an energy label for their solar energy systems. Polysun provides comprehensive support for this purpose as it helps keeping additional costs required to conform to the new requirements down to a minimum while allowing systems to be easily improved for a successful presentation to customers.

  • Polysun PDF reports expanded to include the new ErP label
  • Corresponding Polysun catalogues accordingly expanded
  • User-friendly input screen for the ErP datasheet

Screenshot of Energylabel in Polysun
Figure 1: The new ErP datasheet and ErP label in Polysun


Graphical user interface and simulation speed

In order to make working with Polysun even faster and more convenient, the Polysun user interface and databases have undergone a number of minor improvements. The design wizard helps users in the choice of system templates as the filter function in Polysun 8.0 was completely overhauled and improved. In addition to this, the search function for catalogues was improved to provide faster search times even in larger databases such as PV catalogues. The simulation speed was enhanced through improved numerics and migration to 64 bits.


Overview of new features in Polysun Version 8.0

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