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Polysun Simulation Software 8.1: effective system design through up-to-date catalogue entries and new functions

Image: Polysun 8.1 Press ReleaseWinterthur, 15th October, 2015The newest version of industry-leading design tool Polysun helps users effectively complete their design projects providing them with all the tools they need to respond to the changing global and market conditions.


Catalogue updates

As a new feature, data gathered from the PV forum come in as an additional source for the compilation of PV-module catalogues. The database currently includes 69,638 current modules as well as 67,398 historical modules available for reference calculations.


Data import from building simulations

If a detailed simulation of a building’s heating requirements is available, Polysun enables you to import it into the software at the touch of a button. Monthly data are imported from the building’s simulation for Polysun to calculate and identify a realistic short-term behaviour while ensuring that annual and monthly balances exactly match the externally calculated values.


Password protection and storage of user-created templates

The new version was substantially improved in terms of user-friendliness. Amongst other things, Polysun now allows the user to store his/her own templates. In addition to that, the new version also enables the user to password-protect his/her data: anyone who makes an extensive use of programmable controllers, knows all too well the amount of know-how that goes into control logic. To effectively protect this know-how, Polysun users can now set a password and send the project on. This does not affect any simulation feature; however, a password must be entered to display the control logic.


Parametrization and detailed simulation data

The “Log and Parametrize“-feature was substantially improved. As a new feature, Polysun now enables the user to introduce variations through a wide range of locations and user-defined catalogue entries. For example, the user can now introduce an automatic variation of stratified storage tanks by altering their volumes. In addition to that, the full component results are now stored on the hard-disk together with monthly values and min./max. values. Besides that, the “Logging“ feature remains an indispensable tool to keep track of the individual switching functions with down-to-the-second accuracy over a short time-scale.


Password function in Polysun
Figure 1: The new password function in Polysun



Overview of new features in Polysun Version 8.1

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