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Welcome to the Solar Thermal Designer Certification Training!

We've laid out a learning path on the right side of this page. Step your way through each assignment and ask questions when things aren't clear. Complete all of the assignments and you'll earn Solar Thermal Designer Certification through Polysun.


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Solar Thermal – Polysun Designer Training

Online Course

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Renewable Energy & Solar Thermal Basics
This lesson will lay the ground work for the course by providing some context and background. We will briefly cover renewable energy in general, before covering the theory behind solar hot water systems. Feel free to cruise through this material if it is review for you, or spend more time with it if it's new and interesting.
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>> Assignment
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>> Resource:
5 minute quickstart with Polysun
Introduction (7:49 mins)
Solar Thermal Basics (7:50 mins)
Solar Thermal Basics Part II (7:26 mins)
Download and Complete the Lesson 1 Homework
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Lesson 2 - Solar Thermal Design: Components, Controller Strategies, and Settings
In this lesson we dive into a more advanced discussion of solar thermal systems. We will define components and begin to explain how the system will come together. In this lesson we will perform some design exercises to introduce the software and get you comfortable designing simple systems.
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System Components (18:55 mins)
System Design (11:44 mins)

System Controller (16:45 mins)
Download and Complete the Lesson 2 Homework
Polysun File for Lesson 2 Homework
Lesson 3 - Financial Analysis and System Optimization
In this lesson we build on lesson 2 designs and get into best practices for optimizing solar thermal systems. We will use the software Polysun to run examples and demonstrate how to not just design systems that work - but systems that work efficiently. This week also includes a review of financial calculations for creating proposals and making key design decisions.
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Financial Analysis (12:49 mins)
System Optimization (7:50 mins)
Download and Complete the Lesson 3 Homework
Polysun File for Lesson 3 Homework
Lesson 4 - Advanced Polysun Training & Development of New Hydraulic Schematics
With this lesson you'll learn tricks and tools it takes most users years to find and master. The goal is to make you a power-user, capable of getting the most out of the program. Polysun’s advanced capabilities will be demonstrated in detail using a comprehensive example. You will also learn how to develop new hydronic schematics for solar thermal systems with Polysun.
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New Hydronics (20:15)
Download and Complete the Lesson 4 Homework

Polysun File for Lesson 4 Homework
Final Exam -  Earn Solar Thermal Designer Certification
Successfully passing the final exam earns Polysun Solar Thermal Designer Certification. This is a voluntary credential that communicates design expertise to customers and companies in the industry.