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Demand for commercial storage for peak shaving is on the rise.

pv magazine updated market overview of commercial and grid storage systems. Polysun is mentioned as a simulation software for storage integration.

The demand for commercial storage for peak shaving is on the rise. pv magazine updated its market overview providing interesting insights: Manufacturer prices decreased by an average of five percent. The market is still small in absolute numbers – but with a strong trend towards growth. That is what we at Vela Solaris are also experiencing: The demand for simulation of energy systems with storage capacities is increasing! With Polysun it is possible to show the impacts of storage integration on the increase of solar self-consumption, peak-shaving for grid fee reduction or on the integration of electric vehicles. We are pleased to be the only simulation software listed in pv magazine’s current market overview.

Learn more about the market overview of pv magazine:

SunPeople project builds energy simulation platform – using the Polysun API

The Interreg FCE SunPeople project aims to increase the development of a decarbonised heat energy service in the residential and commercial sectors. The project’s objective is to demonstrate and test on 15 sites, in Plymouth and Lorient, a cost-competitive, sustainable heat energy service based on heat pump and solar technologies. This service will enable to reduce carbon emissions on these sites an estimated 62.8 tons of carbon over a one-year contracting period corresponding to the project.

The service will rely upon a building energy simulation platform to scale up the zero-emission heating industry. The simulation of building energy schemes will be carried out using the Polysun simulation by Vela Solaris in the cloud (Polysun API).

comparing energy systems

The SunPeople project including the reference simulation platform approach relying upon Polysun software was introduced by Vela Solaris and ALOEN at this year’s conference of the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) on Digitalization in the H&C industry, on March 9 2021.

Missed it? Access the slides here.

Further information on the Interreg FCE SunPeople project: Link

Polysun is accredited by Minergie

Our simulation software Polysun is now officially accredited by Minergie for the calculation of PV yields.

Minergie is committed to quality assurance in the planning, construction and operating phases of buildings in Switzerland. The three building standards Minergie, Minergie-P and Minergie-A already set clear requirements in the planning phase with regard to quality, efficiency and comfort. Today, depending on the region, 10% to 25% of new buildings are planned according to Minergie.

For the verification of the PV yield, Minergie wants to ensure a comprehensible and uniform verification of the Minergie applications. We are very pleased that our simulation software Polysun is now officially accredited by Minergie as a calculation tool for the verification of PV yields.

Polysun takes into account the efficiency of the modules, the orientation and size of the plant, the exact location and relies on current weather data for the PV yield forecast. With Polysun, even higher yields than the standard value of 800 kWh/kWp can be claimed. In Switzerland, yields of 1,000 kWh/kWp and more are possible at most locations. It is therefore worthwhile to calculate PV yields with Polysun and use them for Minergie applications.

Source: Minergie

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Polysun goes BIM: The new Polysun release increases planning quality!

The actual software release of Polysun makes the use of simulation of energy systems in digital planning even easier.

The digital simulation of energy systems generates a clear added value: various aspects are tested at an early stage and the quality of the planning increases. This significantly reduces investment and operating costs.  The current release of Polysun makes the use of simulation in digital planning even easier: relevant information on the current planning status is available at the push of a button. The fulfilment of set requirements for the energy system is immediately visible. Data import and export is automated and supports interdisciplinary teamwork. This also enables, for the first time, the seamless integration of energy system simulation in BIM projects.  Simulation results can be generated and validated even faster. As a digital twin, the planning data is reproducibly available and generates added value right up to the operating phase. This makes quality control easy! Our development partner, the engineering services company Amstein & Walthert confirms: “This makes planning energy systems a pleasure! We were able to test Polysun-BIM on a concrete construction project and see great potential in using the software!”

Highlights of the Polysun software release, version 12, with Polysun BIM Add-On:

  • Polysun-BIM supports automated data exchange. Meteorological data, heating load data and simulation results are thus available to the project team at the desired location at all times.
  • The data import is subject to an automated quality check. Implausible and incomplete data are recognized immediately.
  • Key performance metrics (KPM) from the construction project are defined for the energy system in Polysun on a project-specific basis. The achievement of set KPMs and deviations are available at any time at the push of a button.
simulation software in BIM projects for designign energy systems
New Polysun BIM add-on is available: test now for free!

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Tenna does an internship at Vela Solaris

Tenna Söndergaard is currently doing an internship year at Vela Solaris. This is an important part of her training as an energy and environmental technology engineer at the ZHAW (Switzerland). After only three months, Tenna is already an integral part of the team. Time to ask her a few straightforward questions:

Why did you choose us in the first place? You surely had other options!

For me, both privately and professionally, sustainable interaction with the environment is important. At Vela Solaris renewable energy systems are made possible. This appealed to me a lot. In addition, the planning software Polysun is developed in-house at Vela Solaris. This is also an exciting aspect for me. I am convinced that in the future energy systems will be planned exclusively digitally. You were therefore my ideal candidate for an internship!

Many thanks! Where do you currently see the benefits of your internship for your future career?

My tasks are very diverse: I solve support cases for customers, test new features of the software, assist with billing and even write exam questions for external courses in building services engineering. I benefit greatly from getting to know work processes from A to Z. I learn very practical things in the process: talking to the managing director of an engineering company about his customer concerns has become a matter of course for me. In addition, I have the opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge to practical issues every day. My goal is to expand my practical knowledge in the simulation of entire energy systems – I find this to be a very good starting point.

How do you experience working in our team – especially in the current situation?

Unfortunately, we rarely see each other personally at the moment, and I only see certain team members virtually. But at Vela Solaris there is a great basis for welcoming new team members like me within a very short time. There are very different personalities in the team, which I also find good. Everyone is friendly, open and collegial. I get the feeling that I am making a contribution that is clearly appreciated. This makes me very happy and also makes it easy to work together virtually.

Vaillant Group


Vaillant Group

The Vaillant Group relies on the simulation software Polysun from Vela Solaris

Bilder: ©Meier Tobler

The Vaillant Group relies on the simulation software Polysun from Vela Solaris for the distribution of its innovative heating systems in various European country organisations. In close cooperation, the existing solutions are aligned with the digital channels of the Vaillant Group in order to increase sales success.

With about 14,000 employees worldwide, the Vaillant Group with its headquarters in Remscheid, Germany, is one of the market and technology leaders in the heating technology sector. The Vaillant Group offers systems for heating, cooling and hot water – primarily on the basis of renewable energies. “In sales, it is central to show the customer transparently which energy yields and costs are associated with the proposed heating system. With Polysun, yield forecasts are easy and convincing”. The cooperation with Vela Solaris was successively expanded. Today around 100 employees use Polysun to simulate the yield of renewable heating systems.

With a Polysun online application, customers in different countries have the opportunity to choose between available Vaillant heating systems and make simplified yield forecasts themselves:”This enables us to enter into direct dialogue with customers and conduct discussions based on their needs”. The online solution was implemented in a joint project by the Vaillant Group and Vela Solaris. “The success of the project is always the top priority for Vela Solaris and is ensured with full commitment.” The online yield forecast is currently being expanded in the heat pump sector to offer customers additional interactive options on the Vaillant website.

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Polysun server license

Step-by-step guide for Polysun server license installation

  • To activate the license on the server you need the network license manager, which is located in the Polysun installation directory ( If you have not yet installed Polysun on the client, you can download Polysun here: Link.
  • In the ZIP file there is a README with instructions for activation on Windows, Linux and Mac servers. Please install the license manager on the server and perform the activation there (not on the clients).
  • To activate the license you need the instructions for “Case 2: To activate one or more client installations of Polysun with license manager on external server” in the README. Attention: When determining the “Locking Code” with the “Wechoid Tool” for Windows servers, all checkmarks except “DiskID” must be removed (see screenshot below). The code must be copied including the asterisk at the beginning.
  • If it is not possible for a client to connect to the server, you may need to enable UDP-ports 5093 and 5099 in the firewall. You can find more details here: Link

If you have any questions or problems with the setup, please contact us at or via our support hotline: +41 55 220 71 00.