11. June 2019 in Publications

Automated Optimization of Solar-Thermal Systems Using Software in a Loop

Making solar thermal systems less expensive, often results in a lower system efficiency. However, the cost-benefit ratio is relevant from the perspective of the consumer. The complex impact of component-related…
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31. January 2019 in Publications

First solar hydrogen storage in a private building in Western Switzerland: building energy analysis and schematic design

Buildings have a great potential to produce their own electricity thanks to affordable photovoltaics and available area roofs and facades. To be self‐sufficient over the year, the electricity converted to…
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12. September 2018 in Publications

Vallidation of an Ice Storage Model and its Integration into a Solar-Ice System

Ice storages allow the storing of solar heat in a compact volume for the later use as source for a heat pump that provides heat for a building. In the…
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11. September 2018 in Publications

BIM Use-Case: Model-Based Performance Optimization

This contribution demonstrates the application of a building information modeling (BIM) use case including solar thermal collectors, photovoltaics (PV) and passive solar heating. It aims to close the performance gap…
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9. November 2017 in Publications

Master’s thesis: Development of model-based control applications compliant with IEC 61499 for building energy systems with a focus on photovoltaics

Political marginal conditions for PV systems, such as feed-in limitations have resulted in the need for intelligent operation strategies. Proprietary solutions available on the market today are costly and intelligent…
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15. September 2017 in Publications

PVSEC 2017 Publication

Two communication libraries were developed that enable the co-simulation of IEC 61499 control applications with Matlab and the solar simulation software Polysun. With these libraries, control applications can be designed…
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13. October 2016 in Publications

Teaching Renewable Energy Systems

Experience in using simulation software for teaching solar energy and heat pump applications are presented at the Eurosun 2016 conference. The authors discuss suitable didactic concepts specifically developed for teaching…
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