prepared for the future

Bilder: ©EKZ

EKZ (one of the largest Swiss utility companies) is conducting pilot projects for solutions in the fields of smart grid, sector coupling, batteries and electromobility. Polysun software is used to simulate innovative, integrated energy systems.

EKZ, one of the largest Swiss utility companies, supplies electricity to around one million people. In order to be prepared for the future, the 6-member EKZ team of technology management is initiating solutions in the areas of smart grid, sector coupling, batteries and electromobility. The Polysun simulation software is an important tool for testing the possibilities of innovative energy systems and intelligently linking decentralised heat and power generation. For pilot projects, energy systems with heat pumps, batteries and PV were set up and energetically simulated in Polysun. Various variants of an intelligent control system were tested in order to maximise own consumption. Mr. Selviaridis is very satisfied with the results:

“What I find unique about Polysun is that electricity and heat generation in the building can be mapped across sectors and simulated as a whole. This enables important insights to be gained into the optimum dimensioning and intelligent control of the system”. Mr Selviaridis also appreciates the fact that Polysun can be used flexibly. “Model Predictive Control (MPC) is a modern, advanced method that uses predictions to optimise the behaviour of a complex system. The Polysun-Python interface has enabled us to implement such modern control in the field of energy systems and to gain valuable insights”. The cooperation with Vela Solaris always runs smoothly: “The team of Vela Solaris always supports me perfectly and straightforwardly”.

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