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Energy and Built Environment

Pictures: ©Dalarna University

For more than 30 years, the Solar Energy Research Center (SERC) at Dalarna University has stood for outstanding research and training in the field of solar technology. With the Polysun software, prospective engineers find easy access to practical questions and enthusiastically explore the possibilities of using renewable energy systems.  

At the renowned Dalarna University of Applied Sciences (Sweden), prospective engineers are trained in the field of building services engineering. The central question here is how solar energy can be used intelligently for the design of electrical and thermal systems. Klaus Lorenz has been teaching for many years. It is important to him to inspire students with enthusiasm for the subject and to impart practical knowledge: “I myself am active in the field of building services engineering halfway through my professional career as an entrepreneur with my own company. The students appreciate the fact that in my courses they can use the knowledge they have acquired directly in practical applications”.

The Polysun software can be used to answer very specific questions, such as the optimum dimensioning of hydraulic systems and storage tank stratification. Mr. Lorenz also uses Polysun in his lessons to encourage critical thinking. For example, prospective PV installers check the scenario to see which PV design is worthwhile at lower funding rates and how electricity and heat generation can be combined in a sensible way. In Dalarna, both face-to-face and remote classes are applied – Polysun supports both forms of teaching: “The students can learn how to use Polysun independently and make very rapid progress. What is also exciting is that the Polysun software enables them to compare their results directly and thus spur each other on to find the best solution”. 


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