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As a teacher, you want to equip students for practical work and enable them to develop digitally energy systems with a future. As a recognized and globally widely used simulation tool, Polysun is ideally suited for this purpose. A comprehensive database of market-standard components and tested energy system templates make it easy for students to get started – from the first simple exercises to challenging research questions. The effective design and sizing of energy systems for buildings and districts is tested and researched with Polysun. Knowledge is acquired and internalized in a playful way. Find out more.

Practical teaching of content for digital energy system simulation

Vela Solaris was founded as a spin-off of the renowned University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil (Switzerland) and still has strong roots in science and research today.

Universities value our high level of expertise and the uncomplicated support we provide to lecturers and students in the use of Polysun and in the craft of energy system simulation.

By collaborating on real university research projects, Polysun always keeps its finger on the pulse of the latest innovations from the research departments. At the same time, Vela Solaris, as a partner, bridges the gap between research and the market: the latest energy components are always available to researchers in the Polysun library, enabling them to investigate innovative energy concepts.

Students are already learning how to use simulation software used by renowned companies in their target market. In this way they are optimally prepared for later career entry.

Teaching energy system simulations clearly

Playful conveying of knowledge

Practical preparation for a career start

Testing and researching the design of energy systems

Inspire students for their own research

Direct, uncomplicated support

Versatile and easy to use

Energy systems using power-to-heat, district heating, PVT, ice storage or fuel cells – Polysun sets no limits to the creativity of researchers and students. And the high-precision simulation ensures reliable results.

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