Polysun 11.1 reaches top performance scores

Polysun, the leading software for planning and simulating building-integrated energy systems has just become even better. After the recent release of the Swiss software maker Vela Solaris, its performance improved further.

Polysun 11.1 dark mode

Users of Windows can now choose between a 32- and a 64-bit version. The 64-bit version can use more RAM, making the simulation of complex hydraulic schemes even smoother. Installing the software on Mac OS computers was also made easier.

Network licenses that can be used flexibly will make the administration of licenses by companies and educational institutions more user-friendly. The big advantage of the network license is that it can be used on more computers than the number of licenses that was purchased. For example, all office employees can use Polysun on their respective computers, even though just one license was bought – as long as they don’t use it at the same time.

An innovative feature makes the use of new system variants even simpler: single components from existing energy concept templates can now be chosen and copied. Afterwards, they can be inserted in user-defined hydraulic schemes, keeping their settings. This speeds up working with Polysun Designer considerably.

As they now work more quickly and efficiently, Polysun users will spend less time in front of the screen. Additionally, the new, optional dark mode will help users to focus and will be a relief for their eyes.

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