Designing an energy system is complex enough on its own. Polysun BIM offers you a simple and intuitive workflow to lighten the load of your daily work.


A structured approach is crucial in the planning process. Polysun BIM includes a comprehensive and structured documentation of the calculation results.


Every interface contains a potential for errors. Polysun BIM offers you an easy overview of all information relevant to your project and of the results of your planning.

Your added values

From the designing stage to the operation of the facility, Polysun BIM offers significant added values that will be beneficial for you and your clients.

Designing stage

Polysun BIM increases the credibility and comprehensibility of your offers. Additionally, more will come out of the designing stage, as work done on a model can be used in subsequent phases further down the line.

Planning phase

Polysun BIM ensures transparency, planning consistency and easy communication between the parties of the project. At the same time, you will minimize life cycle costs, the risks a wrong dimensioning brings and the performance gap.

Putting into service

Control strategies that have been tried and tested beforehand will see to a frictionless and quick putting into service of the facility.


The digital twin of the facility including its controllers allows for a constant target-performance comparison and the adapting of the facility’s controllers to the actual behavior of the facility in operation in order to minimize operational costs and to further the longevity of the facility’s components.

Core functions

  • Web app with a direct link to Polysun and external BIM clouds and software products
  • Cloud-based Polysun calculation engine for automatic recalculations and ongoing validations
  • Import and export of IFC, BCF, gbXML, BIM-component libraries and control definitions
  • KPI-induced workflow with a review process and consequent documentation of project frameworks, planning stages and results including a complete audit trail
  • Function-related planning across company boundaries

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