Polysun server license

Step-by-step guide for Polysun server license installation

  • To activate the license on the server you need the network license manager, which is located in the Polysun installation directory (PolysunNetworkLicenseManager.zip). If you have not yet installed Polysun on the client, you can download Polysun here: Link.
  • In the ZIP file there is a README with instructions for activation on Windows, Linux and Mac servers. Please install the license manager on the server and perform the activation there (not on the clients).
  • To activate the license you need the instructions for “Case 2: To activate one or more client installations of Polysun with license manager on external server” in the README. Attention: When determining the “Locking Code” with the “Wechoid Tool” for Windows servers, all checkmarks except “DiskID” must be removed (see screenshot below). The code must be copied including the asterisk at the beginning.
  • If it is not possible for a client to connect to the server, you may need to enable UDP-ports 5093 and 5099 in the firewall. You can find more details here: Link

If you have any questions or problems with the setup, please contact us at info@velasolaris.com or via our support hotline: +41 55 220 71 00.