Making use of Polysun’s flexibility, you will master the complexity of sector-coupled energy systems in no time, bringing you into a position to convincingly win over your customers.

System design

Creation of your own set-ups choosing from a broad range of components.


Far-reaching availability of a wide range of component libraries.


Calculation of the energy flows and the temperature distribution of the system.


Compare the results and choose from meaningful diagrams.


System comparison

Compare different system topologies to identify the optimal system.



Control structure

Create your own control logics, to calibrate even complex systems according to your needs.

Your added values

Simple, flexible and efficient

Whether it’s a quick draft you need to illustrate an offer to a client or the simulation of a complex, individual energy system: Polysun is simple and efficient to use, delivering results you can rely on and those that will improve your credibility and win over your clients.

Sector coupling and simultaneousness

Power, heat and mobility are growing together! Polysun will let you design and optimize overarching systems with the combined use of thermal and electrical generation. Analyze the energy flows and safeguard the proper working of the facility. Find the optimal configuration and dimension of the components, reducing both your investment and the operating costs.

Comparing variants and scenario analyses

Be it the comparison of different systems, components or dimensions, Polysun will help you to create transparency and the trust of your clients. Create scenario analyses as well as facility comparisons and show your clients what operating costs they should expect dependent on different basic conditions. Your clients are quite likely to never have seen such transparency before, something a standard static calculation strictly according to the legal standards regulations is unable to offer.

Comprehensive and integral

Some systems are not as sought-after as others. However, when they are demanded, it is usually a hassle having to calculate them. With Polysun, we offer you the tried-and-tested energy components, but also numerous models for pioneering systems, some of which cannot be found in any other software. These include ice tanks, the eTank®, fuel cells or swimming pools. It goes without saying for us that all these components can be entirely integrated into the remaining energy system.


«Polysun offers the flexibility and precision needed for demanding system simulations. »

Stefan Brändle, Amstein + Walthert AG, Zurich

Exemplary uses

The versions of our software

Full range of generation technologies for maximum flexibility

Polysun Standard product image

Polysun Standard

Choose from more than 1,000 energy concept templates on offer and adjust them quickly and effortlessly to your needs and projects.

CHF 2'699.00 excl. 7,7% VAT Add to cart

Polysun Designer product image

Polysun Designer

Plan individual, holistic energy concepts with maximum flexibility and all components available using drag and drop.

CHF 4'899.00 excl. 7,7% VAT Add to cart

Polysun Premium product image

Polysun Premium

Use external control algorithms and the variable time-step settings in addition to your individually designed energy concepts.

CHF 9'499.00 excl. 7,7% VAT Add to cart

Education and training

Polysun Educational package

The Polysun Educational Package makes using Polysun Designer in a school or university context possible and contains 10 licenses, 4 years term.

Polysun Designer Student

We support university students with their projects. The student version of Polysun is equivalent to Polysun Designer.