Polysun PV

Polysun PV

Planning reliability and success in sales

Polysun PV is the ideal solution for acknowledged yield forecasts and inverter lay-outs that are independent of manufacturers and come with detailed reports and possibilities to optimize.

Polysun PV features

Ertragsprognose in Polysun SPT
Acknowledged yield forecasts

Our reliable yield forecast including current weather data can be used by you efficiently from the first, preliminary study through the funding phase and through the optimization of the system.

Inverter lay-out and system comparison

Thanks to an inverter lay-out that is both simple and independent from manufacturers, and thanks to a comparison of different versions of a system, you will get different variations of an energy system in a short period of time.

Eigenverbrauch, Batterie, E-Mobility in Polysun PV
Calculating your self-consumption using load profiles, battery and e-mobility

Use a simulation to discover the advantages of including e-mobility or a battery in your system, it will enable you to make statements about the economy of such intelligent energy concepts.

Detaillierte Auswertungsmöglichkeiten in Polysun PV
Detailed evaluation and optimization possibilities

You can analyze and optimize your system in a user-friendly and clearly laid out way. Using technical reports and profitability calculations, you will find the best solution both in the energetic and in the economical sense.

New features

Higher resolution of load and weather profiles

Load and weather profiles can now be uploaded as one-minute-profiles.

Detailed graphical evaluation

Results now can be depicted and saved in a resolution by the second.

Battery model

Using the PerMod battery simulation model, both AC and DC coupled systems are now calculable.


Using the new profile editor, you can quickly create e-mobility profiles.

Trainings and seminars

Learn the basics of using Polysun in a quick and effective way! And if you have some experience using our software already, we offer specific courses for advanced users like you to enable you to make an even more efficient use of Polysun.

We also offer online trainings given by our competent engineers.