Polysun Designer

Design software for comprehensive energy systems of unmatched flexibility

Our most popular software solution wins you over not just where combined installations and heat grids are concerned, but also when it comes to the designing of efficient solar thermal, heat pump and photovoltaic installations or cogeneration units.


Polysun Designer features

Polysun Desinger Wizard
Over 1,000 energy concepts at your fingertips

Combine heat and power-generating technologies at will, and integrate systems of cross-sector energy use (power-to-heat, power-to-cool, e-mobility) in a single, dynamic simulation. Additionally, Polysun Designer includes templates for a variety of uses such as residential buildings, hotels, manufacturing, process heat or large-scale solar thermal energy installations with feed-in and more.

Freier Aufbau von Systemen
Design energetic systems from scratch

Our easy-to-use graphical user interface allows you to freely combine and connect all types of components to put an energetic system together. Components such as solar thermal collectors, air-to-water, brine-to-water and water-to-water heat pumps, cooling units, conventional heating technology, thermal short term and seasonal storage, ground-source loops, ground storage tanks, ice storage tanks, thermal consumers of domestic hot water, heating, cooling, swimming pools and process heat, co-generation units, combined heat and power generation, PVT collectors, photovoltaic modules, inverters, batteries, electric power load profiles, e-mobility and many more.

Detailed evaluation and optimizing possibilities

Polysun Designer offers you a full range of evaluation and optimizing possibilities using yearly and monthly results, hourly values, simulation time steps, technical reports and a calculation of profitability.

Free definition of control logics

Polysun Designer allows for a completely free setting of controllers.

New features

New system templates

Numerous new templates for power-to-heat, power-to-cool, district heating, anergy and district cooling let you find the most suitable concept for your client quickly.

Import thermal load data of buildings

A new function lets you import thermal load data of buildings according to EnEV, SIA and Ö-Norm or on an hourly basis easily. These are then used as the basis for acknowledged simulation results.

New system comparison

The new system comparison lets you compare the technical and economical potential of different system configurations at a glance.

Create balances

Another new feature: Use a freely programmable data logger or a pre-configured heat meter to create balances at any given location of the system.

Trainings and seminars

Learn the basics of using Polysun in a quick and effective way! And if you have some experience using our software already, we offer specific courses for advanced users like you to enable you to make an even more efficient use of Polysun.

We also offer online trainings given by our competent engineers.