Polysun Designer Solar Heat & Power

CHF 3'699.00



  • Design individual energy concepts based on solar thermal and PV with maximum flexibility
  • Quick and professional designing: more than 700 energy concept templates at your fingertips, including those for large-scale solar thermal installations, process heat, power-to-heat, power-to-cool
  • Reliable yield forecast: worldwide weather data
  • Full scope of reporting and optimizing tools: yearly and monthly results, hourly values, simulation time step values
  • Technical reports and calculations of profitability
Additional Services:
  • We help you with your questions, make the best use of your time: we offer support over the telephone or via e-mail Mon-Fri from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CET
  • To give you a head start: basic course included
  • Access to the Polysun user fora, comprehensive documentation of the calculation models, manual, video tutorials
  • Up-to-date, cross-checked product data bases: the most recent products of countless manufacturers can be used for a meaningful and independent simulation.
A Service Subscription for twelve months is included in every Polysun purchase. This subscription will renew yearly unless you terminate it (e-mail sufficient).