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Service Subscription

Subscription benefits, service and support

The Polysun Service Subscription offers you the following benefits:

  • We help you with all questions you might have, optimize your time. We offer support through the phone or via e-mail during the regular office hours (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CET).
  • Use Polysun successfully in your work. We offer different seminars and screen sharings to suit your needs.
  • We offer you access to the Polysun user blogs, comprehensive documentation of our calculation models, user manuals and video tutorials.
  • Benefit from our up-to-date, certified product data bases. The most recent product innovations from countless producers are at your fingertips for an up-to-date and meaningful simulation.
  • Use reliable yield predictions with up to date worldwide weather data offered by Meteonorm (Meteonorm 7.2.4).
  • Benefit from our software updates. Our developers continuously work on improved user friendliness and additional features to help you in your daily work. You are able to offer your customers the current cutting edge of technology.

How do I order or renew my Polysun Service Subscription?

The first year of the Polysun Service Subscription is included in every Polysun license. Should you not cancel the subscription, it will automatically renew for twelve more months. Should you have opted for a Polysun Software Maintenance Agreement, you automatically benefit from the services of the Polysun Service Subscription.

Expired Service Subscription

Your Polysun Service Subscription has expired and you wish to renew? The price of the subscription depends on the product you bought, as a rule of thumb, it is roughly 25 to 30 % of the price of the new product yearly. If you have worked without a valid Service Subscription for a time and now wish to benefit from the latest version and the services that come with the service subscription again, the subscription price is calculated retroactively per month elapsed since the expiry of the subscription. After four to six years without a valid service subscription, the purchase of a new license makes more sense economically. Just drop us an e-mail via or give us a call, we will gladly give you a quote for your current service subscription price.

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