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Make lively, hands-on lessons easier

Easily create exercises for students

Practice sessions can be easily created in Polysun and results can be exchanged between teachers and students. We provide teachers with a wide range of practice examples, which we create using our many years of practical experience. With the purchase of our software this service is free of charge.

Training modules from our experts for students

The craft of digital energy system simulation – we at Vela Solaris have been experts in this field for decades. We are happy to impart this knowledge based on our Polysun software, from the introductory course to in-depth module. Vela Solaris accompanies students closely, uncomplicatedly, and flexibly in the form of webinars or on-site training. With Vela Solaris as a partner, the transfer of practical experience is effortless.

Your partner for research projects

Would you like to research innovative innovations and are looking for a competent software partner? Talk to us. We have many years of experience and expertise in research and development.

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See for yourself what Vela Solaris can do for teachers and students. Write to us or call us and find out about the possibilities of practical teaching with us as your partner.