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Polysun API

The strengths of Polysun as a fully integrated cloud solution


With the Polysun API the powerful Polysun computing core is available to you as a cloud solution. The Polysun API lets you use the proven Polysun energy system simulation with only a few input parameters thanks to a high degree of abstraction.

Integrate Polysun directly into your website applications and digitalize the planning of your energy systems end-to-end to make them accessible to your customers and suppliers. Offer completely digital energy consulting services, convincingly convey the benefits of intelligent energy system control, compare the operating status of one of your energy systems with setpoints at any time,

or demonstrate the benefits of your peak-shaving solutions on your website using before/after comparisons.

Polysun API is already being used successfully by many well-known companies. An example of this is [Link to customer reference]

As your project partner, we support you step by step in integrating Polysun energy system simulations into your business model. Together with you, we define the requirements and templates that are automatically simulated by Polysun API.

Support for the automation of your distribution channels

Simulation, validation, and evaluation of energy systems in the cloud

Uncomplicated connection to your front-end applications

Flexibly adapted to your business model

Test environment always available, separate from production

In-house monitoring of the API for maximum availability and professional support

Use Cases

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