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Planning energy systems in conformity with BIM

The goal of BIM projects is to significantly reduce investment and operating costs and to detect a performance gap, i.e. a deviation between planned and actual values, as early as possible. This is the only way to take cost-effective measures to prevent planning errors. Especially when planning and designing energy systems, it is important to react to changed requirements in frequent iterations and to exploit optimization potential.

In BIM projects, therefore, the focus is on collaborative work in teams and simple data exchange. The Polysun BIM add-on enables the seamless use of Polysun software in BIM projects. Data exchange via Excel, Revit and IFC is supported automatically.

Meteodata, heating load data and simulation results are thus always available to the project team at the desired location. In addition, plan specifications from the BIM project for the energy system can be conveniently stored in Polysun and their achievement evaluated at the push of a button. As a result, time is only required for planning if deviations from the plan occur – the planning time of energy systems is significantly reduced. At the same time, the risk of incorrect design of the energy system is minimized.

All simulation results remain transparently documented with Polysun-BIM and deliver added value right up to the operating phase – for easy quality assurance.

Minimize performance gaps and reduce investment and operating costs

Minimisation of planning errors through continuous digital data exchange across application boundaries

High planning reliability within clearly defined planning specifications

Significant time savings for planning reviews through automated work steps

Access to projects according to BIM standard

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