suissetec launches building technology calculator

relying on the Polysun API

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The building technology association suissetec launches the web app “Building Technology Calculator” and relies on the calculation core of the Polysun API

The Swiss-Liechtenstein Building Technology Association (suissetec) is the employer and industry association for building technology and building structures with around 3,500 member companies, including manufacturers/suppliers, planners and installers from the plumbing, heating, air conditioning and cooling sectors.

suissetec pursues the goal of making its member companies fit for the market requirements and digital planning processes in the field of building technology. The association saw a particular need for action in the area of designing building energy systems. Until now, there has been a lack of a reliable tool that enables the rapid comparison of different options of an energy system, especially in an early project phase. To close this gap, suissetec developed the web app “Gebäudetechnikrechner, in english: Building Technology Calculator”. For the simulation of the energy systems, Vela Solaris was chosen as the development partner and the Polysun computing core was integrated as an API.

The following benefits are offered by the calculator:

  • Through a simple and user-friendly browser interface, the user configures different possible variants of an energy system.
  • When selecting the individual system components (e.g. PV, heat pump, storage, etc.), the user accesses the extensive Polysun database and can select manufacturer-specific or anonymous products.
  • When configuring the energy system, the user is supported with suitable suggestions, for example on the necessary installed capacity of the heat pump. The suggestions can be flexibly adapted by the user.
  • If the simulation is initiated by the user, the Polysun calculation delivers meaningful results, for example for analyzing the fuel demand or the CO2 emissions.
  • The building technology calculator also integrates price information from suissetec on investment and operating costs, which correspond to the usual industry average. This means that a meaningful profitability analysis based on the Polysun simulation is also possible at the push of a button.

selection of options and comparison made easy

With the building technology calculator, a system decision is made in a time-saving and reliable manner. The next planning steps are also supported: Once an option has been selected, the calculator enables the user to seamlessly continue processing and optimizing an energy system in the Polysun software. The created options can be dragged into the Polysun desktop application with the stored data. Here, further optimization steps can then be taken, such as refining the steering and control system.
The building technology calculator was realized in a joint project between suissetec and Vela Solaris. It has been available since August 1, 2021, and users are very happy with the results:

From suissetec’s point of view, the joint project with Vela Solaris is thus a great success:

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Would you like to test the building services calculator from suissetec? Click here for the demo version (available in german, italian and french):



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