Tenna does an internship at Vela Solaris

Tenna Söndergaard is currently doing an internship year at Vela Solaris. This is an important part of her training as an energy and environmental technology engineer at the ZHAW (Switzerland). After only three months, Tenna is already an integral part of the team. Time to ask her a few straightforward questions:

Why did you choose us in the first place? You surely had other options!

For me, both privately and professionally, sustainable interaction with the environment is important. At Vela Solaris renewable energy systems are made possible. This appealed to me a lot. In addition, the planning software Polysun is developed in-house at Vela Solaris. This is also an exciting aspect for me. I am convinced that in the future energy systems will be planned exclusively digitally. You were therefore my ideal candidate for an internship!

Many thanks! Where do you currently see the benefits of your internship for your future career?

My tasks are very diverse: I solve support cases for customers, test new features of the software, assist with billing and even write exam questions for external courses in building services engineering. I benefit greatly from getting to know work processes from A to Z. I learn very practical things in the process: talking to the managing director of an engineering company about his customer concerns has become a matter of course for me. In addition, I have the opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge to practical issues every day. My goal is to expand my practical knowledge in the simulation of entire energy systems – I find this to be a very good starting point.

How do you experience working in our team – especially in the current situation?

Unfortunately, we rarely see each other personally at the moment, and I only see certain team members virtually. But at Vela Solaris there is a great basis for welcoming new team members like me within a very short time. There are very different personalities in the team, which I also find good. Everyone is friendly, open and collegial. I get the feeling that I am making a contribution that is clearly appreciated. This makes me very happy and also makes it easy to work together virtually.