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New building ProfiCamp Eintracht Frankfurt:


Mainova provides sustainable energy for the Eintracht family!

pictures: ©Eintracht

Mainova optimizes the operation of the state-of-the-art plant technology of the ProfiCamp Eintracht Frankfurt and relies on the simulation software Polysun.

Mainova supplies more than one million people in Frankfurt am Main with electricity, gas, heat and water and is a convincing high-performance partner in the operation of sophisticated plant technology. The focus is on decentralized and environmentally friendly energy generation with high plant efficiency and optimal energy use. The professional soccer club Eintracht Frankfurt has therefore decided to place the energy supply of its new ProfiCamp in the hands of Mainova. The new ProfiCamp comprises the 800-square-meter fitness area, including a whirlpool, and a 400-square-meter administration building, including a 120-seat staff restaurant. The building standard corresponds to a passive house and thus to the most modern requirements.

Mainova defines the optimal operation of the energy systems:
The experts at Mainova analyzed the existing energy system in detail, with the aim of ensuring efficient use of the renewably generated energy. The system concept for meeting heating and cooling requirements consists of seven heat pumps (three air-to-water heat pumps with a cumulative output of 450 kW and four brine-to-water heat pumps with a cumulative output of 240 kW), solar thermal collectors on 107 square meters of roof surface, a geothermal collector and a gas boiler. A particular challenge was the prediction of the user behavior, which has large demand peaks due to the training periods. In addition, the geothermal collector is located in a water protection area with corresponding requirements for the cooling of the ground.

The Polysun software is used to test operating variants in a target-oriented manner:
Mainova’s experts use the Polysun software to map the existing system with all its components and to simulatively define the optimal operation. The goal was to use the gas boiler only to cover a few hours. In a first step, a simplified rough simulation was carried out in Polysun and the generators were combined in a meaningful way. This allowed a quick comparison of variants of different control concepts and a basic decision in this respect. In a second step, the simulation in Polysun was refined based on the selected control concept and the generators were mapped in detail. In addition, different consumption scenarios were stored and the robustness of the energy supply for the provision of heat and cold throughout the year was checked. The simulation experts from Vela Solaris supported the simulative mapping in Polysun by setting up the corresponding hydraulic schemas.

Polysun system template

The system technology supplies renewable energy during operation:
In the meantime, the new ProfiCamp has been occupied by the Eintracht family and is reliably supplied with renewable energy by Mainova. The plant will be monitored over all operating points for two years and further optimized with the help of Polysun. Mainova also expects to be able to identify and eliminate the causes more quickly in the event that the actual operation fails to meet the target state, thanks to the simulation with Polysun.

Key aspects:


Mainova AG

Energy system components for simulation

  • Solar thermal
  • heat pumps (air-water, water-water)
  • geothermal collector
  • gas boiler
  • technical storage tank for heating and cooling energy
  • hot water tank

Services provided by Vela Solaris

Provision of base model of simulation with Polysun software considering Mainova requirements and model refinement.


Successful definition of operational control, taking into account the efficient integration of different producers as well as constraints related to water conservation.


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