Master’s thesis: Development of model-based control applications compliant with IEC 61499 for building energy systems with a focus on photovoltaics

Political marginal conditions for PV systems, such as feed-in limitations have resulted in the need for intelligent operation strategies. Proprietary solutions available on the market today are costly and intelligent controllers for building energy systems can thus be classified as luxury products. There is a need for generic software based on standards for the control of multi-generator systems. This thesis aims to provide an open source solution that can be used on a variety of inexpensive hardware. Communication libraries that enable co-simulations between IEC 61499 control systems and simulation software (Matlab® and Polysun®) are developed. Using the libraries and simulation tools, models and algorithms are transferred to IEC 61499 control applications with the industry compatible, open source environment 4diac. The applications are then deployed and prepared for use in the field.

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