Vallidation of an Ice Storage Model and its Integration into a Solar-Ice System

Ice storages allow the storing of solar heat in a compact volume for the later use as source for a heat pump that provides heat for a building. In the paper a novel ice storage with 2 m3 water volume is described which contains heat exchanger plates for extracting the latent heat. Most of the components of the storage are made of stainless steel ensuring a long service life time. We present a detailed numerical model for heat exchanger plates that was implemented into the system simulation software Polysun. The model allows now for the first time to simulate ice storages with heat exchanger plates in Polysun. The accuracy of the modelling approach is evaluated based on lab measurements. The new ice storage model was implemented into a system simulation template in Polysun which was designed according to a field installation. The field installation includes three of the novel ice storages and will be used for the validation of the system template. The system template can be used as a design tool for solar-ice systems.

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