Polysun API is used as a platform for the simulation, validation and evaluation of building energy systems and can flexibly be put to use for numerous purposes.


Polysun API allows for the abstraction of complex energy systems in models with only a few necessary parameters having to be entered in order to give intelligent answers to complex questions.


Polysun API enables an optional frontend development in co-operation with partners. User functionalities will be tailored individually to the client’s needs and the use case.

Use cases

Happy clients

Selected features

Testability – A testing environment for clients is available for their development purposes, with the production environment reserved for operation.

Multi-client capability – System components can be added and administered specific to the client’s needs. Each client has his own data room.

Performance – Dedicated worker-instances can be offered as an option and be made available as the specific use case demands to cover high loads.

Monitoring – To ensure a high availability and performance, the API is monitored 24/7.

Versioning – New features and functionalities constantly expand the possibilities of the API, but are introduced strictly in new versions of the software, so as not to interfere with existing links.

Added value services – Above and beyond the system simulation, further services are offered (financial modelling, dimensioning of photovoltaic systems, translation of technical terms).