Polysun Videos

Here you will find a selection of Polysun learning videos as well as tips and tricks for using Polysun.

Polysun Videos

Advanced Polysun example 54:09

A advanced example of working with Polysun.

Simulation analysis 02:45

How to do a simulation analysis in Polysun.

Log and Parametrize 4:46

How to use the log and parametrize feature in Polysun. With the log and parametrize feature you can export simulation data in the simulation time steps.

New catalog entries in Polysun 05:56

How to create new catalog entries in the Polysun database.

Meteorological Data 05:03

How to get the meteorological data from your location within the Polysun.

How to use a heatsink/source for process heat in Polysun 05:15

This video gives a short introduction how you can use a heat sink or a heat source in Polysun.

Profitability calculation tool in Polysun 11:13

Dynamic and comprehensive analysis of the economic aspects of all building service facilities that can be simulated in Polysun.

Import of electrical consumption profiles to Polysun 05:05

How to import electrical consumption profiles into Polysun.

Nearby and row-to-row shading in Polysun 02:44

How to incorporate nearby-shading into your Polysun.

PV array with battery rack 03:18

How to run simulations for PV systems with a battery rack.

Simulation of east-west modul fields in Polysun 06:26

How to simulate an east-west roof in Polysun and how to do a detailed yield estimation.

Polysun SPT Videos

Polysun SPT at Intersolar 2018 05:14

Intersolar 2018 Conclusions.

Polysun Constructor Roof Planner (Google Maps) 05:49

How to plan your roof (incl. interferences) in the Polysun SPT by making use of google maps.

Polysun Constructor: Multiple Roofs 06:48

How to add an additional roof inside the same project with Polysun SPT.

Polysun Constructor String Plan 06:23

How to create a String Plan inside the Polysun SPT. You can choose between automatic and manual stringing or do a combination of both.