Integrated planning of energy systems – Simulation software for the holistic evaluation of energy system variantsIntegrated planning of energy systems

Published in: Computer Spezial (01/2024)

With the increasing complexity of construction projects, a holistically efficient energy system can usually only be mapped precisely and across all sectors with the help of simulation software. In an article in Computer Spezial, the company Getec highlights the successful use of the Polysun simulation software in practice: “As an energy service provider, our calculations must of course be absolutely reliable: How much electricity from the generation system goes into the heat pump; how much does the customer use directly? How much of it is fed into the grid? How does it interact with the photovoltaic system? In some cases, very complex circuits are created that we have to map with a high degree of accuracy. That’s why it was clear to us that spreadsheets had had their day. We needed an adequate planning tool.”

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