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Management of Projects, Templates and System Diagrams

In Polysun the project defines the indications on the location and on the consumers of the solar energy system. It also contains diverse system diagrams. The project can be started from the menu Project – New Project or by means of the Project Wizard. You can save a project with the function Project – Save Project.

The system diagram defines all of the components and connections of the solar energy system. A system diagram can be created in the System Diagram – Create New System Diagram menu (at the Designer level), by means of the Wizard or, if a template is visualized, with Add Template to Project. It is possible to simulate each system diagram individually and to visualize the results. The system diagram is always included in a project and can be only saved together with it. Normally different system diagrams are considered in order to make comparison and optimize the project.

Polysun makes available a series of pre-defined templates. The template defines (as the system diagram) a solar energy system. The templates can be inserted into the project.

Figure: project-tree and templates