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User Levels

Polysun Simulation software is available in two user levels: Designer and Standard.

Standard level of Polysun is a design and sales tool for daily use, super-easy to handle, generate professional sales reports with own company logo and address in an efficient and reliable way, allows to create a sales quote in a matter of minutes. Standard level of Polysun includes intuitive wizard-guided use and access to an extensive selection of manufacturer specific hydronic schemes and products. Standard level of Polysun is perfect for salespersons and installers.

Designer level gives the maximum flexibility for the design and sales of renewable energy systems of any size, allows exact modelling of hydraulics thanks to modularity of systems, templates for large-scale systems, process heat, district heating. Enhanced modularity and precision in the design of hydronic systems. Advanced inverter layout and shading simulation tool for Polysun PV. All features of Polysun Standard are included. Designer level of Polysun is a perfect tool for system designers, energy consultants, and development engineers for the comprehensive assessment of the system.

In the full version of Polysun all kinds of renewable energy technology are available, such as solar thermal, photovoltaics and heat pumps. Full version of Polysun allows combination of different technologies in one hybrid system. The possibility to design cooling systems is only included in the full version.

Besides the full version, the following modules of Polysun software are available:

Polysun Solar Thermal Simulation includes: Domestic hot water preparation, space and pool heating systems, worldwide weather data, huge hydronic template selection, updated collector catalogs (flat plate, tube, concentrating and unglazed collectors).

Polysun Heat Pump Simulation includes: Ground-source and ground-water loops, water-to-water and air-to-water heat pumps. Updated catalogs with certified heat pumps. Precise calculation of COP.

Polysun Photovoltaic Simulation includes: Updated module and inverter catalogs, worldwide weather data, shading simulation tool, state of the art inverter layout assistant.

It is also possible to combine two or three different modules with each other, in order to increase modularity and availability of the designed renewable energy system and therefore create an efficient and reliable solution for the customer.