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The tool automatically copies the necessary energetic values of the planned option. As a norm, the software offers default values for the calculation of probability, which can be overwritten. The entries made will be saved as per option. An “OK” saves the entries and closes the window. “Close” will close the tool without saving the values entered.

Standard values

Default values offered in the tool can be overwritten and saved for each option. These default values come from different official norms and statistics. The values for the increase in energy prices come from the Swiss energy statistic of 2014, as calculated by the Swiss federal statistics office. The catalogue for the different components is from the Polysun data base. The entries made automatically for the components are the values for the components in the system planned.

Energy prices

Energy prices can be entered as a constant throughout the year or as a profile. For electricity prices, time periods for high and low rate tariffs can be entered and will be considered. The price per kilowatt is calculated for the maximum demand in the entire year.

The sale of thermal energy (heat/cold) will be considered under Miscellaneous and entered as an absolute amount for the entire period under consideration or for the entire year.

The different energy types will be inflated yearly by the individual energy price rises. These price rises will be considered for the purchase and the sale of energy.


The components will be considered automatically according to your system chart and can be modified, changed or deleted. The component data can be amended by the individual price and the expected technical lifetime. The chapter names in the component list have no influence on the calculations and are meant to provide a better oversight only.