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PV-Performance Ratio Parameter (Self-Consumption Optimisation)

The PV-performance ratio input parameter appearing in the battery properties dialogue box may be used for self-consumption optimisation purposes. This value refers to the ratio the between current and nominal PV performance. In Germany, for example, feed-in amounts in excess of 70% of the nominal PV-performance are associated with lower feed-in tariffs. The purpose of this controller is to pull down midday-peak electricity demand. The PV-performance ratio parameter is used to define a threshold value which, in turn, defines the time from which the battery is to be charged.

If the threshold value is set to 0%, the battery will always be charged. If the threshold value is set to 70%, the battery will only start charging from 70% of the nominal PV-performance.

In template 50h, the same pattern is implemented with a progressive controller which also takes SOC into account. To this end, the photovoltaic component provides the user with the PV-performance ratio output parameter.

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