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Polysun provides for all system components separate catalogs (databases) in which products are listed in tabular format together with the relevant specific data. Catalogs include both anonymous component examples as well as products available on the market for which an indication of the manufacturer or the testing institute is provided.

View Catalog Entries

Catalogs can be viewed either directly from the Catalogs menu or through the component dialogue box. The   symbol refers to catalogs: double-clicking on the product name appearing next to the symbol will open the related catalog.

Many catalogs are hierarchically sorted; i.e. they contain sub-catalogs marked with the  symbol.

Tip: pausing with the mouse on a given column tool tips will be displayed providing useful information on the respective values. Column width can be adjusted using the mouse in the header.

Depending on the different user level not all catalogs are available.

Use Catalog Entries

Catalog entries may be only used by means of the respective component dialogue boxes. Should a product be replaced with another in a system diagram the relevant component  of the existing system diagram should be double-clicked in the working area. A dialogue box will open. Proceed then as follows:

  • The  symbol refers to the existing catalogs. Double-click the product name appearing next to it to open the corresponding catalog. 
  • Select the desired product.
  • Confirm with Accept.
  • The catalog shuts down and the selected product is displayed in the dialogue box. Adjust further settings if required.
  • Confirm settings with OK. The dialogue box shuts down.

Tip: the desired catalog entries can be found more rapidly using a filter. Clicking the blue header the values appearing in the relevant columns are sorted alphabetically and numerically. This makes catalog reading easier. Attention: the sorting process will take a few seconds to complete in case of particularly large catalogs (e.g. location catalog).

Create Catalog Entries

The creation of new catalog entries will essentially require the amendment of existing catalogs.

Tip: it will be helpful to search for and amend an entry that is closest to the one you wish to create.

  • Select an existing entry.
  • Copy the selected line with the  button (Copy selected line).
  • Enter a name for the new catalog entry. Confirm with OK.
  • Enable the copied line to be edited by pressing the  button (Edit selected line). The relevant line should appear in red.
  • Make changes directly in the relevant fields and confirm either with the Enter button or with Accept.

Video: New catalog entries

Delete Catalog Entries

The user will be able to delete only catalog entries he/she previously defined. To do so proceed as follows:

  • Select an entry you previously created.
  • Click the  button (Delete selected line).
  • Answer the “Should the selected line be deleted?” question with Yes.