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Profitability Calculation

The profitability calculation tool lets you determine different finance parameters for each option, it will also present them in a clearly laid-out way. These calculations let you do rough estimates as well as detailed analyses. In other words, the profitability calculation can be done in the very first phase of your project, or it can support the detailed analysis of an option. As default values for standard values are available and as they can be used automatically, a calculation can be done in a very short time period. The data defined manually would apply for one option only and can be saved for each option. The software will determine the full costs of the system, provided all the necessary entries are made. The internal benefit of the system (domestic hot water, heated or cooled rooms, electricity generated for self-use) is not monetarized. If there should be more expenditures than income during a period observed, the values calculated like the net present value will be negative and there will be no amortization. All calculations will be dynamic and will be presented that way. This ensures that the effects of changed raw data can be seen immediately in the results. The results of the profitability calculation will be shown in a separate report both as a table and as a graph.

Start the calculation of profitability with Ctrl + Alt + A or via Results Profitability calculation. Once the tool opens, you will find the input boxes on the left hand side, and the results oft he different calculations on the right. Both sides can be faded in or out.