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External Grid

Polysun lets you define the external grid. You can select your preferred grid from a list. Additionally, you can define a feed-in power limitation, the maximum phase imbalance and a grid profile.

Grid Type Parameter

The Grid type parameter lets you select the external grid. The external grids you can select are defined by the number of phases, the nominal voltage in Volts and the nominal frequency in Hertz. The nominal voltage is equivalent to the local grid voltage.

Local Grid Voltage Parameter

The local grid voltage has to be in conformity with the specifications provided by the local grid operator.

Profile Parameter

The Profile parameter defines a grid profile. This enables you to take  temporary feed-in limitations and blackouts into account. You can also import your own grid profile as a .csv file.

This parameter is important to simulate systems that bridge periods of blackouts and temporary feed-in limitations mandated by law.

Feed-in Power Limitation Parameter

The feed-in power limitation describes the relation between installed power and the power fed into the electric grid. You can select whether the feed-in power limitation is calculated before or after consumption.

The “before consumption” limitation type does not take battery charging and self-consumption into account, the “after consumption” limitation type does that.