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Options and Help



Here the user will be able to decide whether (after it is started) Polysun should automatically open the wizard, the latest project or a standard project. A standard project can be selected by clicking on the  button. 


Should the reference system diagram be simulated upon confirmation, without confirmation or never be simulated?

The preliminary simulation ensures that on simulation start (January 1st) a realistic situation is provided; the system has already been run in and it was not only put into operation at the turn of the year.


PDF-Reports will show the entered company name, e-mail address and telephone number as well as name and address of license holder. Clicking the  button you may select your own company logo that will likewise appear in the PDF-Reports. In case of relocation the license holder’s address can be changed collecting the license again (see paragraph Add license).


A variety of settings can be adjusted here including the automatic search for updates, the display of Tool Tips, language, units and currency.

Add License

Should a license be added or renewed, e.g. after your Polysun subscription has been renewed, user-ID and e-mail address should be entered here like when the license was first released. Review your information for accuracy on the ensuing page. It is important that the entered information is correct as it will appear on all reports and your license will be registered using such information. Collect your license again and edit your information if you have relocated or changed your e-mail address.

A working Internet connection is required to collect the license. Ensure that the same network cards are always activated (possibly not a wireless network-card) when collecting your license and operating Polysun.

Subscription / Upgrade

If your Polysun subscription has expired or your wish to upgrade your Polysun (e.g. from Professional to Designer) here, you will be able to order all required products. Do not hesitate to contact your distributor any time. When your subscription has been renewed you can renew your license under Add license.

Support and Help

This chapter covers the ‘?’ menu.

User Manual

The user manual provides you with technical background information and essential support in the use of Polysun.

Support Website

This link takes you to the website of Vela Solaris where you will be able to find an answer to the most frequently asked questions on Polysun (FAQ Frequently Asked Questions).

Support Request

Should you not find an answer to your questions in this Guide, in the User manual or in the FAQ your distributor will be delighted to help you find a solution. In this dialogue box you can read your distributor’s contact information as well as your user number  (User-ID); you should provide this information for each request.

Click the  button (Create support file) to create a support file to assist your distributor in finding out a solution to your problem. After clicking the button a message shows you the directory path where the file was stored.


Here you will find information on the copyright and the different Polysun partners. Your information is stored under License. Should you forget your user-ID you will be able to read it here anytime.